North Oil Company (NOC)

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The North Oil Company (NOC) operates in the Northern fields in Iraq, and the area of production covers the governates of Kirkuk, Nineveh, Erbil, Baghdad, Diyala, Hilla and Kut.

The NOC supplies crude oil of different types to Iraqi refineries and associated gas to the North Gas Company units and to electric generation stations, as well as for export through a network of pipelines to Turkey and Syria.

The NOC covers more than 50 installations including pump stations, process units , oil tank fields ,degassing stations, gas compressor stations , water treatments plants, electric generation stations and a large number of oil wells which are connected with a network of flow lines and pipelines dispersed throughout the company’s area of operation.

The North Oil Company key activities include:

* Production of crude oil and natural gas from oil fields within its area of responsibilities .
* Treatment of oil in process units and transportation by pipelines to refineries and export terminals .
* Separation and compression of associated gas and production of dome gas to be transported to North Gas Company (N.G.C) gas processing complex to produce L.P.G for domestic consumption and dry gas as a fuel for industrial use.
* Sponsoring oil well drilling, workover and completion operations by Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC ) and other foreign drilling contractors, in addition to geological control of those wells .
* Carrying out geological studies, reservoir engineering and field measurements .
* Performing research and quality control of crude oil, gas, water and other oil products .
* Implementing programmed and routine maintenance work on all surface installations and producing wells .
* Providing operational supporting services such as transportation, materials procurement, storage and workshop services .

Operating in some of Iraq’s least secure territory, the NOC has been subject to repeated attacks by insurgents and organised crime since 2003.

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