List of Iraq Ministry of Oil Companies

List of Iraq government companies that make up the Iraqi Ministry of Oil

  • North Oil Company (NOC)
  • South Oil Company (SOC)
  • Petroleum Research & Development Center (PRDC)
  • Baiji Oil Training Institute (BAJOTI)
  • Basrah Oil Training Institute (BASOTI)
  • Kirkuk Oil Training Institute (KOTI)
  • Baghdad Oil Training Institute (BOTI)
  • Heavy Engineering Equipments Company (HEESCO)
  • South Refineries Company (SRC)
  • Midland Refineries Company (MRC)
  • North Refineries Company (NRC)
  • Gas Filling Company (GFC)
  • Midland Oil Company (MDOC)
  • South Gas Company (SGC)
  • North Gas Company (NGC)
  • Missan Oil Company (MOC)
  • Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC)
  • Oil Products Distribution Company (OPDC)
  • State Organization for Marketing of Oil (SOMO)
  • Oil Pipelines Company (OPC)
  • Iraqi Oil Tankers Company (IOTC)
  • Oil Exploration Company (OEC)
  • State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP)

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3 comments on “List of Iraq Ministry of Oil Companies
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  3. Iraq Ministry of Oil says:

    Iraq Ministry of Oil announce exports of 91.5 million barrels of oil in September and generated an income of US$3.725 billion in revenue.

    Click the link below for more details:

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